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Company culture: What can make or break a team

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  • 10 минут
  • 27 января 2022


As the Kyiv Independent team develops its new media start-up while working around the clock amid an ever-growing threat of Russian invasion, the company needs to create a corporate culture that protects morale and productivity.


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Media in Progress: другие эпизоды

  • 44 минуты
  • 3 августа
Media in Progress

Media in Progress final episode: An established Kyiv Independent?

In the final episode of the Media in Progress podcast series, we follow how the Kyiv Independent has become a world-renowned established media outlet since Russia's full-scale invasion began on Feb. 24, and how our team of journalists continues to work during the war.

  • 12 минут
  • 12 февраля 2022
Media in Progress

Can independent media be sustainable? We want to prove it can

The Kyiv Independent aims to be a self-sustaining media company in Ukraine but independence comes with a price. Our commercial team is working hard to tackle the challenge.

  • 13 минут
  • 13 января 2022
Media in Progress

Popular protest, inter-elite feuds or Russian intervention: What’s going on in Kazakhstan?

As Kazakhstan suppresses anti-government protests with the help of Russian-led troops, the Kyiv Independent closely monitors and reports on a situation that could affect Ukraine’s future

  • 11 минут
  • 23 декабря 2021
Media in Progress

Will Russia invade again?

Russia’s invasion threat seen through the eyes of a reporter who knows the consequences of war all too well.

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