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UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED | Trailer | 2 season

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In Season 1 we, as Urban Space Radio, together with dozens of volunteers created 23 episodes about Ukrainians who have been holding Russia's invasion for 5 months. Now we continue our work so that you stay updated on what is happening in Ukraine, and moreover, how russia`s war affects the world.

You can support our work as an independent media and podcast platform on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/UrbanSpaceRadio_UA

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UA: The Day That We Survived

UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED | ep.42 | Support of German Communities for Ukraine

This episode is about municipal cooperation between Germany and Ukraine. One small example of how human kindness and desire to help can make a difference. Why and how the Trostyanets community from the West of Ukraine build ties with the Hofstetten community, which is located in the Ortenau district of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Martin Asmuth, the mayor of Hofstetten, spoke about cooperation between communities.

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UA: The Day That We Survived

UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED | ep.41 | How Our Podcast Team Celebrates New Year

The atmosphere of the holidays in Ukraine this year is very unusual. Russian missiles instead of fireworks, blackouts instead of holiday illumination, and mobile heating points instead of Christmas fairs in the cities. Today we want to introduce some of our team members to you and tell how we prepare for the winter holidays, and also what the work on this podcast during 2022 meant to us. We all live in different cities and even countries now. You’ll hear the stories of Kateryna, the host, Natalia, the editor, Anton, our sound editor, Iryna, the illustrator, and Alina, the translator.

Enjoy! And let’s meet in 2023!

This episode was supported by Urban Space 100.

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UA: The Day That We Survived

UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED | ep.40 | Philippe Schockweiler about Poems, Weapons, and Russian Propaganda

In this episode, we spoke with Philippe Schockweiler from Luxembourg. He repeatedly came to Ukraine to cover the war and was here long before the full-scale invasion. For Philippe, Ukraine is not just a job. He is deeply immersed in what is happening and is inspired by Ukrainians and our opposition. A few days ago, Philippe got a tattoo with the portrait of the Ukrainian writer Lesia Ukrainka.

This conversation is about art and weapons, the influence of Russian propaganda in Europe, and much more.

Podcast's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/UrbanSpaceRadio_UA

This episode was created in support of "Urban Space 100"

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UA: The Day That We Survived

UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED | ep.39 | Returning from Abroad for Service

We often mention millions of Ukrainians who were forced to flee the war to other countries. But today's story is about the movement in the opposite direction. We'll talk about people who returned from abroad and joined the army. This episode has two stories. One is from Andrii who is preparing for war, and the second one is from Maksym who is already there. Podcast`s Patreon:


This episode was supported by Urban Space 100.

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