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UA: The Day That We Survived

UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED | ep.24 | Global Food Security: Stories of Ukrainian Farmers

Every fifth ton of Ukrainian wheat goes to bread baking in the countries of the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, but because of the Russian invasion, these volumes of products largely disappeared from the world market. Today we tell you about how Ukrainian farmers operate during the war and how Russia threatens the world using food blokade as a weapon.

Support `UA: The Day That We Survived` on Patreon:  The translation from Ukrainian was read by: Joe Williams, Petro Trots.

Here we used recordings from YouTube channels of Daily Ukraine and Nature Soundscapes, and Twitter of MFA of Ukraine.

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UA: The Day That We Survived

UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED | Trailer | 2 season

In Season 1 we, as Urban Space Radio, together with dozens of volunteers created 23 episodes about Ukrainians who have been holding Russia's invasion for 5 months. Now we continue our work so that you stay updated on what is happening in Ukraine, and moreover, how russia`s war affects the world.

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UA: The Day That We Survived

UA: THE DAY THAT WE SURVIVED | ep.23 |Occupation of Luhansk region and missile attacks on civilians

Today we have audios from residents of Kremenchuk, Lysychansk and Podilsk in Odesa region. We asked people there how their life (or life war balance) is today. What is it like to continue living, despite the constant danger and pain?

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Ще один день

Волонтери Repair Together | Ще один день | Urban Space Radio

Цей епізод про волонтерську ініціативу Repair Together. Молоді люди збираються разом та їдуть відновлювати села, що постраждали від бойових дій. Кілька таких виїздів було у Чернігівську область. Тут люди жили по кілька тижнів під окупацією та обстрілами. Тепер їхні будинки потребують ремонту. Ви можете підтримати нас за посиланням:

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